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Thursday, October 13, 2005


Tally Exam

Your answers to the exam have been reviewed, and a score has been computed.

You correctly answered 21 out of 25 items for a score of 84. You needed a score of 100 to pass based upon the difficulty of the exam.


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The questions you answered incorretly and their associated lessons are shown below.

* Question: Which parameter would not likely be part of an endpoint policy?

Correct Answer: The number of animals approved by the IACUC for a particular protocol.
Selected Answer: Pain or distress not controlled by analgesics.
Lesson: Endpoint Criteria

* Question: The USDA AWA regulations do not currently apply to which of the following animals?

Correct Answer: Non-vertebrates, laboratory mice, laboratory rats, and birds.
Selected Answer: Hamsters and gerbils.
Lesson: Federal Mandates

* Question: Which of the following is not considered a physical method of euthanasia?

Correct Answer: Pentobarbital overdose.
Selected Answer: Decapitation.
Lesson: Euthanasia

* Question: Who is generally given institutional responsibility for deciding if an individual researcher is properly trained to perform animal procedures, as required by law?

Correct Answer: The IACUC.
Selected Answer: The institutional official in charge of the animal care and use program.
Lesson: Personnel Training and Experience


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